LoveLee Natural Hairstyles: Coils 3/13/17 thru 3/17/17

Yaaaaaaaaaaaassssssss hunny!

My hair was on slam this week. I just loved it. None of my styles came out the way I planned but I was able to recover just fine . There’s no need to get mad or frustrated when that happens. It doesn’t help, and I just don’t have that kind of time. 

The hairstyle of the week was coils. I’ve been using The Mane Choice products the last two weeks. (I’m working on my review but I haven’t had time to complete it.) I wanted to see if my hair is more manageable on old hair so I started with a six day old wash and go. I planned on doing a fluffy coil-out but my hair is too long. I tried to lift it at the roots but lifted too much on the front row. The coils were everywhere. Just unruly no matter what I tried. What I got was this.

I was too tired to tighen it up so I placed all my coils forward and wrapped it in a scarf Monday night. I tightened up my front coils the best I could and rolled out. Was I thrilled with the outcome? No. But to me fashion and beauty is more about attitude than anything else. Take a look.

I moisturized it and put on a bonnet Tuesday night. The next day, my coils were frizzy. I hate that. But I didn’t have time to do anything but spritz it with my aloe and EVOO and let it dry. I loved how it shrunk up. This is the look I wanted in the first place. Check it out. 

I slept with a scarf again and woke up disappointed with frizz again Thursday. I spritzed and moved on. I didn’t take any selfies but my mom said something like it looked like an afro with worms. 😂😂😂 I washed it that night. I exhaustedly went to bed without leave-in conditioner. The shrinkage was in effect I spritzed it a little in the morning and added my leave-in and decided to pick it out. Here are the results; and yes, I thought it was LoveLEE. ❤😍💁

I made up for the selfies I missed the day before. Shout out to The Mane Choice for making products I can rock. Check it out! 

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