10 Ways to say no when people try to touch your natural hair

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Kinky Hair Connection

Guest Post By Danielle James

If you have curly hair, chances are you’ve been approached by a stranger asking to touch it. If you’re Black, chances are that said stranger’s hand was already in your hair before you could respond. I’ve experienced this many times, from a sweaty man on the subway platform pleading to let him finger my curls, to a fellow writing contest winner grabbing a handful without warning before dashing through closing subway doors, knowing that I couldn’t chase him.

Once, a young man’s lips formed a perfect oval as his mouth fell open in disbelief, after I told him no, he could not touch my hair. He was indignant, But why? Because I said no. My first response should have been enough for him to understand and walk away. But he had difficulty comprehending this. Back and forth we went, until I hopped in a subway car. Yes, this also happened to take place…

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