People often ask me how I learned to style and maintain my curly hair. The truth is, it took a lot of trial and error to train these curls to pop.

Curly Hair & a Smile

Fortunately, there were a lot of natural hair mentors available to guide me. My first resource was YouTube. I hear that the quality of the natural hair tutorials are not as good as they were when I started my journey, but today I want to give a shout out to the YouTube channels that I follow. I mimicked their techniques and products to see how it would work on my hair. Usually it was a complete failure but I still learned something new about my hair each time. Maybe they can help you along your way too.

  • Ty Crable introduced me to the Curly Girl Method Challenge and my favorite natural hair support group It’s All About the Curls, where she’s an administrator. Ty recently launched her own brand of products for curly hair.
  • Felicia Leatherwood is a well-known natural hair vlogger. I was sold as soon as I saw this tuck and roll tutorial. I never perfected it on my hair. It was too short when I tried it, but I created some cute styles of my own based on this technique. 
  • Chary Jay has some twistout videos that are out of this world.
  • Naptural85 is a very well-known vlogger with several tutorials. You may have seen her on the cover of the first issue of CRWN Magazine. 
  • IAmDarqAndLovely inspired my fro-hawk. It started with bobbie pins but eventually I had my sides shaved. It’s one of my favorite natural hairstyles.
  • MohagonyCurls is another popular vlogger. She does an amazing job showing how she’s grown her hair down her back after she big chopped almost to her scalp. You have to check out her story.
  • JazinessCurls has some juicy, well defined curly hair. Check out her channel if you’re interested in learning about products that she recommends.
  • Miss Jessie’s Original taught me how to shingling. This channel has great natural hair tutorials on two-strand twistouts and more. I’ve been subscribed for several years.
  • Naturalldubz is another channel I subscribe. Her texture reminds me of my own and she reviews a ton of products and makeup too.
  • MissKenK is one of my hair crushes. If you don’t know who she is, check out her channel for some great natural hair inspiration.

There are many, many great YouTube channels out there. Maybe one day I’ll have the courage and time to work on mine. In the meantime, thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you find this information helpful. Until next time, peace, love and olive oil.

I define my natural hair. It doesn’t define me.
I shaved the back of my hair last week.
What ya think?
Curly Hair doesn’t care.
Honey Yasssss! Workfro.
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Posted by DaLoveLee1

I recently realized I have a passion for natural hair during on my journey toward self-acceptance and love. So much of who I am has always revolves around my hair. It reflects how I feel about myself internally. When I am depressed or stressed, I don't do my hair. If I do look like a million bucks, I feel like a million bucks, even if I'm flat broke. I started documenting my transition on Facebook and it spread to Instagram. I have been amazed at how I have come to love my kinks and curls. I didn't even know how to care for it when a started transitioning. It has been so liberating. I assumed the name LoveLEE around the same time as my transition because I needed to remind myself that I'm worthy of love. The image of women like me is skewed by the media and negative stereotypes. I refuse to confine since of love and beauty to society's standards. I'm starting this blog so other women will know that they don't have to be boxed in either. You are beautiful and flawless just the way you are.

Thanks for joining me.

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    1. I use a lot of leave-in conditioner and/or moisturizers daily and a styler about twice a week. I’m still using Camille Naturals Fresh Curls and Curl Maker. I may add EVOO to the conditioner but I deal with JBCO.

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