Product Review: Colossal Big Shot Mascara by Maybelline

.Maybe I’m beautiful. Maybe it’s Maybelline.

Brand new goodies

That’s been me the last week. I got a complementary new Colossal Big Shot Mascara the company is promoting, along with their Master Precise Curvy Liquid Eye Liner. I was actually excited to receive it. That’s a surprise because I didn’t wear makeup for most of my life. Maybe a little eyeliner here and there in my late teenager years and early 20’s but nothing serious. I didn’t get interested in makeup until I turned 33. I really only dabble in eye make up and lipsticks/gloss so I’m definitely not an expert. I just learned what primer was two months ago. (Come on ya’ll. Don’t judge me.) Just recently I’ve tried to improve my makeup game and expanded my stash.

I’m an #influencer
Boss-That’s why they chose me? J/K

I’m not a makeup artist but I’m trying to teach myself how to make a wing-tipped eye. You know, cat’s eyes. It hasn’t gone that great. I’ve tried pencils, brushes, felttip liners and more trying to master this.


Last month, I bought a liner and mascara from one of Maybelline’s competitors because it claimed it would be easy for me to create a cat-eye. It didn’t work out that well for me. I couldn’t get the wing-tip right with the eye liner. The mascara lengthened my lashes well but that made my lashes hit my pupils. That’s not good for my contacts. It burned my eyes and was difficult to take off. I wanted to try something new; but the way my budget is set up, I needed to use those products up be fore I purchased more. That’s why I was delighted to be chosen for this #bigshotmascara campaign.

Solid gold

First of all, the Colossal Big Shot Mascara really did add volume to my eyes. I was delighted to watch my long lashes curl up. I’ve been looking for a product with a brush that would do that without clumping together or flaking. This solves the problem of mascara getting in my eyes and ruining my contacts. Colossal Big Shot actually fanned my lashes out and made them look thicker. I’m gonna rock this through the holidays. I’m definitely going to buy more once my complementary product is gone.

Curvy liner

Maybelline products are readily available at the local drug stores so it shouldn’t be hard to find. It only costs about $9 and I always catch a sale. I’ve worn it consistently the last four days and found that it stayed on all day. It came off easily with a makeup remover wipe.

The Eyes Don’t Lie

I’ve never seen a liner like Maybelline’s _. The shape of the tube is unique. It’s about an inch thick and has curves on ut for better handling. It was awkward to use but I git used to it quick. The applicator has two thick sides and two narrow sides to help you make different effects. I don’t even know what it’s called. It’s working okay. I do have better control over it than some of the other eyeliners I’ve used. I was able to draw straighter so there was less touching up to do. That’s saving me time. Yesterday it didn’t go on as dark I wanted. I hope that’s only because I didn’t use primer because my wingtip looked alright. I’ll try this on again too.

Work stress

Well, like I mentioned above, I received these products for free in exchange for my honest review. There you have it. If you try either of these products, let me know how you like them. If you know of any good wongtip tutorials out there, please add the site in the comments. Until next time, remember #unityisinthehair!

Giving a presentation

Looking good at work
Elevator Selfie
Chillin after work.

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