Natural Hair Product Review: true by made beautiful

My stash was running low and I waited all of last week to get some new products. I wanted to try an entire line but I couldn’t decide which one. I wanted something I hadn’t tried before, maybe something that worked well for some of my Curl Friends on Instagram or in Facebook groups. I went to two Targets, a Walmart, a Meijer and two Sally Beauty Supply store before I finally set my eyes on “true by made beautiful”.

I liked the label. The sea green reminds me of my birthstone (aquamarine). The orange font contrasted the label nicely. I opened the Hydrating Hair Butter  in the store and found the scent delightful. I decided to try this brand. I bought the Co-Wash Cleansing Conditioner and the Nourishing Leave-in Conditioner. I tried them out this weekend.

The Co-Wash: The co-wash smelled as good as the butter so I was happy. The consistency was thick and creamy. I appreciated that.It also had some slip to it that made my hair easy to de-tangle with my fingers. I think it removed the buildup pretty well too. It also rinsed out easily enough. In my opinion this is an average co-wash. I probably won’t buy it again because there are other co-washes that will work just as well for a lower price. I also wasn’t impressed with the companion products.

The Leave-In: The leave-in also had that pleasant scent. It was the same consistency as the co-wash, thick and creamy. It went on kinda of gloppy and didn’t soak in easily enough. I had to put a plastic cap on my head for about 10 minutes and then it was fine. It didn’t make my hair feel good and hydrated the way I like.

I decided to try it as a refresher the next day. I put it directly on my dry hair. It moisturized it and I liked the way it looked… until it dried. Then it once again was hard and lacked luster. I’m persistent though. On the third day (today) I tried it again to refresh my curls. I admit, it is a lot softer than yesterday. My curls aren’t very defined though and I need more moisture in my life. This product didn’t work for me.

The Hair Butter: The instructions on this product says that it works best if you layer it with the leave-in conditioner so that’s what I did the first day. I didn’t use it the second and third day because I feel like it’s what dried my hair out. When I applied it after the leave-in soaked in, my hair was white again. I simply hate products that make my hair white and sit on my hair. It eventually soaked in but who has time for that? After it dried the first night, I tried to shingle my hair with it (that’s why I think it dried my hair out). I took more time and put the butter on smaller sections than I did earlier. I used more but t just didn’t take. My hair was hard and stiff when it dried. I won’t use it again.

I hate that my escapades were in vein Friday. I definitely made the wrong choice when I selected this brand. I’d like to hear from others who tried this line. What has your experience been? What routine did you use? Maybe I did something wrong. I don’t know but I’d love to hear from you. Let’s learn from each other.

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