Training Your Natural Curls: What I wish I knew in the begining

Yesterday three different people ask me for hair tips. I love it! I’m really glad to help other people find joy in themselves. People who ask about my hair usually want to know one or two things – how I make my curls pop and how I retain moisture. I’ve shared my routine in the past (Click here for a refresher). Today, I’m going to give you an updated version to save you time and money.First and foremost, if you are thinking about embracing the natural life, jump in completely. Don’t transition. I repeat DON’T TRANSITION. It’s too much work to blend the textures (flat twists worked best for me though). Trust me. I transitioned for months before I was finally brave enough to cut my relaxed ends off. I was emotionally attached to my long hair and also afraid I couldn’t maintain my mane in it’s natural state. It was a complete waste of time that could have been spent building a lovelee relationship with my tresses. That’s what I learned in hindsight. Second, ditch your shampoo for a good co-wash or conditioner. Shampoo strips  your hair of moisture and that’s causes dry, brittle frizzy hair. I’ve settled on  As I Am Co-Wash and Tresemme Botanique Conditioner as my staples. They work well, are easy to find, and cheaper than most lines catered to our hair.

Third, STOP COMBING YOUR HAIR! That’s what I said. I can’t stress this enough. Too much manipulation and tension weakens the tresses, causes breakage and split ends, and causes you too much pain emotionally and physically. I’ve said it before. Get a detangling brush or use your fingers to detangle. Only do it then when it’s wet and coated with conditioner. Never detangle dry hair.

Fourth, deep condition your hair everyday for the first week or two weeks to Jumpstart your routine. Then decrease that to every two or three days as your hair starts retaining so much moisture that you only need to co-wash it once every week or two. You already know from your normal washday that the wetter your hair is, the more defined the curl pattern. This process will train your hair to stay that way. I wrote about the concoction I use recently. Click here to read about it.

I style my hair with gel and oil. I have used Eco Styler Professional Styling Gel with Moroccan Aragon Oil  (the red one) for the last six weeks. It’s super cheap and easy to find. It defines my curls well and keeps it soft and shiny. I hate I waited so long I into my journey to try it. I saturate my hair with my aloe and water (50/50) solution in my spray bottle to refresh my curls if it’s not wash day. I add my leave-in, right now I’m using Design Essentials Naturals Daily Moisturizing Lotion or the their Coconut and Monoi Deep Moisture Milk. I apply it in sections using the shingling method to make sure each stand is evenly coated. I do the same with the gel and  again with Jamaican Black Castor Oil (Coconut it smells nice) or olive oil from the grocery store to seal the ends.

Finally, before bed I rub more of my moisturizer through my tresses with my index finger and thumbs, being careful not to smash the curls.  I put on my trusty satin bonnet and my hubby knows I’m in for the night.

Hope this helps. I need to note that I purchased all of the products mentioned in this article. I do not have any agreement with them to promote their products. It’s what I like so I’m am sharing this information in exchange for nothing.

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I recently realized I have a passion for natural hair during on my journey toward self-acceptance and love. So much of who I am has always revolves around my hair. It reflects how I feel about myself internally. When I am depressed or stressed, I don't do my hair. If I do look like a million bucks, I feel like a million bucks, even if I'm flat broke. I started documenting my transition on Facebook and it spread to Instagram. I have been amazed at how I have come to love my kinks and curls. I didn't even know how to care for it when a started transitioning. It has been so liberating. I assumed the name LoveLEE around the same time as my transition because I needed to remind myself that I'm worthy of love. The image of women like me is skewed by the media and negative stereotypes. I refuse to confine since of love and beauty to society's standards. I'm starting this blog so other women will know that they don't have to be boxed in either. You are beautiful and flawless just the way you are.

Thanks for joining me.

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