Naturally Proud & Free… Forever


Why do people wanna terrorize people into doing what they feel is right. I can’t love who I want because you say it’s wrong? I’m supposed to suffer  for eternity because I won’t submit?

Not only do I have to love who you say, I have to worship who, where, when and how you say?

Plus, I’m supposed to live a lifetime of ignorance because you believe women shouldn’t be educated.


Matter of fact, I’m supposed to shut the $<"( up because you value your words more than mine?

You wanna kill me because you dislike my freedom. You wanna scare me into your way of life. Keep me at home away from other people. Limit my personal growth, my children's growth…

Kiss my grits, sugar. Kiss my grits.


I’m naturally free and will live my life the way I choose. I’m willing to die for that right because I can’t exist any other way.

My condolences to the Orlando shooting victims and their families.

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