Natural Hair Product Review: #hairfood

I joined Influenster a few months ago and recently took part in a #sproutvoxbox campaign in which I received a sample of products in exchange for my honest review. I love free stuff qnd I love writing so I’m excited to participate.

The first product I tried was the Clairol Hair Food shampoo and conditioner


because I’m a natural hair enthusiast and a hair product junkie. I don’t normally shampoo my hair (it’s been seven months) but I made an exception in this case for the sake of the review. I really reset that decision.

The shampoo lathered very quick and the suds felt good. It cleaned my hair well. I only washed it once and immediately knew it had stripped my hair of moisture. That’s exactly why I stopped using shampoo in the first place. What a predictable disappointment.


I scrambled to pour the conditioner on my hair hoping to get some hydration back. The conditioner smelled good. It wasn’t as thick as I like it but I was surprised that it had so much slip. I could actually detangle my hair. Unfortunately, it didn’t rehydrate my the way I needed. It was super soft but it was dull. The shine, sheen, and luster that I love was not there.


I deep conditioned my hair with my special concoction but it’s going to take a week of special treatment to get it as moist as it was before. I would have liked to dry the conditioner as a co-wash but the sample size I received wouldn’t allow it. I doubt that I’ll buy it because I have my favorite cheap condition.



Have you tried Hairfood? Let me know how it worked for you.


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  1. I’ve tried products from clairol..their conditioner to be specific..great review

  2. I really like your review. I think because the shampoo contain sulfates, that’s why it dried your hair because it has the same effect to mine.

      1. I think the mix of Sodium Lauryl and Laureth sulfates is the main problem, if it is only a succinate or a Laureth sulfate the hair dries a lot less while getting the scalp very clean. Lauryl sulfate is probably the strongest surfantanct in haircare and it is surprising a brand would use it in a moisturizing shampoo

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