Natural Hair Product Review: New Styler


I tried a new styler yesterday and I must say I’m happy with the results. As I Am Curly Jelly works well.
I used what I had on my stash to co-wash (Shea Moisture Professionals Cocoa Shea Co-Wash) and condition (Tresemme Botanique to rinse out, Design Essentials Natural Almond & Avocado Leave-In) my hair. I added the Curling Jelly while in the shower. I dipped my head under the water real quick then shake the excess water out. That’s funny but be careful if you dropped a lot of product in the shower. I used paper towels to absorb more of the water then sealed my hair with my Paradise On Earth 100% Organic Growth Oil.

I had nice definition. The picture doesn’t give it justice. It looked I had a jheri Curl. My hair wasn’t as soft as I like it once other dried though. This morning my scalp is a little itchy. I may have used too much product though. The Dickey Method says to use generous amounts but I don’t think I needed so much. Let’s see how today’s look turns out.

None of the products mention were provided in exchange for this review. I used my own money to purchase the products and posted the review for others who want to know what I do to my hair.

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