Woman, OH Yes, Woman

This poem is dedicated to all my Curl Friends, inspirational women who influence the world. Some I know and other’s have not met. Regardless, I am thankful for presence in my life, no matter what season.

Woman, Oh Yes, Woman
By DaLoveLEE1

Leonica Riley Erwin


Woman you are bold, beautiful, amazing…
The epitome of strength and courage;
The weight of the world compressed on your shoulders;
Yet you strut with a swag that makes eyes green with envy turn sideways.
Head held high with a smile on your face…
There’s always a glimmer of hope in your eyes.
You’re doing your thang so it shouldn’t be a surprise.


Woman, Oh Yes, Woman. I’m talking to you.
I see you putting in time with the kids;
Building a legacy of values as well as wealth.
You’re always strengthening, encouraging… nursing to health.
Your actions and speech reflect your love of the community;
Advocating for peace, love and harmony.
Woman, Oh Yes, Woman. I’m giving props to you.
Beautiful by nature but more so for the things you do.
Got all the brothas chasing and caking…
Raising their daughters to imitate you;
One of the few, the real and the true.

h5>Woman, Oh Yes, Woman. I see you shining.

You are a Queen. Yes, a Ruler who reigns where ever you loom.
In the conference room, the community center, the kitchen, and definitely in the bedroom …
You are dynamic, talented, and creative;
You put it down; Girl, you know you rule!
You show dignity, poise and respect for others;
If you make a mistake, you fix it, keep moving, don’t hover…
No need to dwell on it or make others suffer.
The haters don’t even bother you;
You hear their chatter, laugh and keep stepping.
Got your blinders on…
If it ain’t aligned with your goal, you just reject and eject it.


Woman, Oh Yes, Woman.
I’m so proud of you.
You are a blessing and an inspiration too.
You got it going on. Keep doing what ya do!


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Please do not reproduce without written permission.
Don’t get between this diva and her dreams. ♥

Photo Credit: Dre Riley Photography -drerileyphotography@gmail.com

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