LoveLEE Hair 101: The Basic Tools

Going natural evokes so many different feelings. I was very excited to begin my journey toward love myself (LoveLEE) and unleash the beast (my natural hair). I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to handle the situation though. People may say that it’s just hair; but for me, it was a situation, a major situation. I didn’t know where to begin so it was a lot of trial and error… Some days it still is.  You don’t have to do it alone though. Here are the tools that I have found helpful for my hair:Just know, support is available. Here are the tools that have been the most helpful for me:

Curly Girl Problems

Make sure you connect to the Natural Hair Community in your local area.

  1. Paddle brush with plastic bristles – I use this to untangle my hair, but only when it’s wet and has a conditioner with lots of slip in it. I’ll talk about products in my next post though. 🙂 Most of the time, I finger-detangle. 

    Excuse the hair.
  2. Afro pick with metal teeth and a fist handle – The fist handle gave me courage to be natural in the beginning of my journey. I still can’t look at a fist without thinking, “Say it Loud! I’m black and I’m proud.” I had to have that attitude when I first went natural or I would’ve quickly relapsed on the creamy crack (relaxers). The pick is to lift my tresses for add volume after I’ve styled my hair. I only lift at the roots. I only pick it to the ends if I’m wearing a blow out. Even then, my hair has been carefully untangled first. Maybe I’ll do a YouTube video to demonstrate that one day.

    Poweer-to-the People Pick
  3. Spray bottles: I currently have two but I’m going to get a third. One only has water in it. Occasionally, I’ll add a leave-in conditioner to that. I use it to mist my hair, refresh wash and goes (W&G or WNG) and to keep my hair moisturized when I’m styling it. I have a mixture of oils that penetrate the hair follicle in the other bottle. Some of my favorites are unrefined coconut oil (CO), grape seed oil, macadamia nut oil, and sweet almond oil. I’ll put sealing oils in the third bottle.

    Spray. Don’t stream.
  4. Two or three small, disposable Tupperware containers: I use these to mix concoctions of every kind. I love to combine deep conditioners, masques, and oils together. Some times I get bold and throw in an egg, some mayonnaise, honey, and/or aloe too. I keep the remaining mixture in the fridge so it doesn’t spoil. I mix gels with conditioners, oils, and other stylers too. I also melt my coconut oil in my little containers. Some people buy glass containers and jars but that’s just not cost effective for me. I rather spend my money on products. Ya feel me? (My name is Leonica and I’m a product junkie. (LOL) Most curly girls are though.)20160216_122329
  5. A soft bristle toothbrush: After my style is complete, I use the toothbrush to smooth the edges. It’s small so it gives me better control than a hair brush.  I just slip my edge control on the my forehead and use the toothbrush to slick the baby hairs down. I do the same on for my sideburns and the back of my hair too since it’s shaved.20160216_122503





Those are my most valuable tools. You probably notice I didn’t list a wide-tooth comb. I bought one when I started transitioning and I never use it. Like I said above, I mostly finger-detangle or use my paddle brush. I’ll occasionally use a rat-tail comb if I need to part my hair, which is rare. I rarely even part it when I’m doing a twist or braid-out. I just section the hair with my fingers so I don’t have to blend the parts later. So what are your favorite hair tools?

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